The Ultimate ESL Kids Resources

Many people often contact me asking “Where can I get additional good quality lesson plans, flashcards, songs, games, apps, worksheets, and materials for my classroom?” So I have compiled an exhaustive list for your perusal. 

Below I have linked to some of the best resources that can be found on the internet. I literally use these materials in my classes in some form or another. Not one website will provide you with everything you need, but if you acquire most of these resources found below, I would very much doubt you would need to search for anything else. 

Teaching English ESL Style (Young Learners)

This book is intended for ESL Teachers who are teaching or about to teach young ESL learners English. I began to write this book to gather my teaching ideas as aswell as gather yours in one place. If you find my book motivating, insightful and helpful, please give me feedback. Your constructive criticism, suggestions and new ideas, games, chants, drills, songs and role play activities are all welcome. I want to make this book the best resource for all ESL teachers to use. My goal is to help make better teachers thus better students. 

Teachers Q&As - Whole Brain Teaching Methodology Discussed

Today I recieved an e-mail from Geoff in Xiamen and therefore was inspired to create and share this article.

Hi Manglish,

I'm an English teacher at a training school in Xiamen, Fujian, China. I teach about 20 groups of students aged 5-15. I am reading Chris Biffle's "Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids". I like many of the ideas, but also find it hard to imagine successfully implementing them with my classes. I would really appreciate the chance to see how other teachers have implemented WBT techniques with Chinese ESL students, so I am looking for teachers that perhaps I could visit and observe (for example, in Beijing - I will visit Beijing this April). Could I ask - where in China do you live and teach? And do you know any other teachers using many Whole Brain Teaching methods in China, especially in Beijing?

Geoff Grecynski 

Teachers Q&As - Classroom English Only!

Ülkü Sari Teaching in Turkey asks:

I teach English in a preschool in Turkey. We have 2 teachers per class: a preschool teacher and an English teacher. I am not allowed to speak Turkish with the kids. I struggle with this because i need to communicate with them all day long. They are 4-5 year olds and they don't understand much English (some don't understand any at all). Do you have any tips for me? How can i handle this? As a New teacher I find your site very useful.


Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Hope to hear from you.  

Whole Brain Teaching Teacher Training Videos

Continuing on with my teacher training videos, I bring to you the Whole Brain Teaching method. This method is super effective for more older/advanced ESL students in my opinion. Please keep in mind teaching native students with this technique is a lot easier than with ESL students. I tried incorporating these methods into my primary school lessons and had mixed results. I found primary grades 1 – 3 struggled with the concept of rules, simply because they couldn't understand them.

Genki English Teacher Training Videos

This post is another set of training videos but this time produced by Genki English. These videos explain and show how to use Genki English products (Obviously promotional videos). Nevertheless, without Genki English materials you can still get a good idea of how to create successful and lively lessons. These videos are also jam packed with lots of teaching tips and ideas. I just love this guys energy. I try to mimic his style of teaching with my kindergarten and primary school classes. This style really works.

Playaway Teacher Training Videos

Today I hit the jackpot of instructional teaching videos for young audiences. They are developed by Cambridge University. If only I found these informative videos at the beginning of my teaching year, I would have been more clued up on teaching more effectively, rather than having to progressively learn by trial and error. So all you teachers reading my blog, I unveil to you some nice "how to teach" videos.

I have listed the videos in order. If you live in China you can use the YouKu videos instead of Youtube.

The discovery of LastPass

If your looking for a way to organise your passwords for all your websites and you want a complete secure solution, where you only need to remember one master key to access all sites. Then your search is over. I stumbled today on a website called LastPass. I am so glad I did. The service is completely free and easy to setup. It even gives you an option to take the passwords currently stored in your browsers, so you don't need to enter them into this application.

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